Handmade Saddlebags

One of a kind Anvil Made designs now in stock! These one off bags are finished and ready to be shipped upon order. They are made with Real Full Grain Leather, held together with Solid Hardware and Marine Grade Thread, and designed to last a Lifetime. Like all of our products, every step of the creative process was done by hand to ensure a one of a kind product. All designed and assembled by Michael Shackelford. 


We also offer completely custom hand made bags. Everything besides the shape of the bag can be customized to suit the customers needs. Choose the color leather, the image or lettering to be carved, brass or nickel hardware and the bag will be handmade to your specifications. Please contact before ordering to receive an exact quote and turnaround.

You can attach an image to be carved or provide a specific idea and a layout will be sent for approval before carving.

If you would like an exact quote you can contact us (404) 823 0842